M33 Triangulum Galaxy......after a spot of guide camera issues!

M33 Triangulum Galaxy is located 2.73 million light years from Earth.

After a bit of issue with my guiding setup, I eventually managed to grab 29 x 180second subs before condensation and cloud took over.

Guiding Setup Issues

My Bresser FullHD camera didn't seem to want to play ball. It wasn't sending images, and despite changing the USB port and rebuilding the equipment profiles I had no joy. This has happened before, but I don't know what triggers it.

In the end I swapped to my new ASI120mm guide camera, which was fresh out of the box. Set it up without any problems and set calibration profiles and away we went with reasonable guiding.

The next day I took my calibration frames, as the camera was cooled to 5c I could set the temperature, and I hadn't moved the focus or the camera position.
So with the 29 Lights, I grabbed 25 Darks, 50 Flats and 50 Bias frames. Stacked them in DSS. After stacking, tweaked a bit in PixInsight (still really don't know what I'm doing) and then tweaked the output from that again in GIMP.

The final output (resized down for the web);

Celestron CGX mount
Celestron EdgeHD 11" OTA on full 2800mm focal length
ZWO ASI2600MC-Pro colour camera
ZWO ASI120MM Guide mono camera
60mm Guidescope. 

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