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Sonos Play 1 repairs

We had suffered a power issue at the villa in Cyprus. During a storm, the neutral line on the overhead power cables that feed the villa (we are on a 3ph+n supply) detached. This resulted in us seeing power surging.

You can read more about floating neutral impacts over at

Anyway, after a few minutes of the surging, devices starting failing. Phone chargers exploded, wifi extenders banged, and numerous other pieces of equipment died.

2 of my Sonos Play 1 speakers didn't survive.

Living in Cyprus, services and support are hard to find, especially when I didn't buy the speakers in the country. I did contact the island distributor for Sonos, but they didn't do repairs and only dealt with warranty related issues.

The speakers were a few years old now and so I had nothing to lose, but to open them up and see what was going on.

There is a really good teardown guide on iFixit, they have a few di…

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