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3D Printed Handset Holders for Focuser and Goto unit

I need to create a couple of holders for the two different hand controllers used on the telescope, I also wanted these to clip onto the legs of the EXOS-2 EQ Mount Tripod.

The first was for the GoTo Controller handset and the second the Skywatcher focuser handset.

I modelled these up in Tinkercad, then sliced them up in Cura and printed out on the Anycubic Mega S. I used white PLA to go with the white theme of the telescope. Both printed at 0.2mm layer thickness.

The GoTo holder in the photo below is actually the first version, the one in the Tinkercad model has had a couple of rounded edges and a slightly tighter clip, so it is the same as the new focuser holder.

However, I didn't print out the new version, as the old one is fine for the time being.

I made the changes to this model first, then duplicated the model and adjust the holder element to suit the fact the focuser had no shoulders and a different cable arrangement, so it needed a base in the holder to keep it in place, u…

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