Daytime setup of ZWO ASI2600MC-P and back focal distance on Celestron EdgeHD 11"

As I had mentioned in a previous video, I wasn't happy with the distance I had used and the reference point for the measurement, so today I decided to have another look at this, find the right point and drop the length. In this video, you can see how I went about this and using a building site 10-15 km away on a hillside for focusing on. The Celestron EdgeHD has a back focal distance of 146.05 mm, it would have easier to use the one of the pre-sized extension tubes which leave the standard 55mm space for camera spacing, but I didn't know this at the time, and never bought one. Maybe get one in the future!

Celestron CGX mount
Celestron EdgeHD 11" 
ZWO ASI2600MC-Pro colour camera

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