Was looking at installing my ASIAir Pro onto my Celestron EdgeHD 11, but didn't have anything really suitable to mount it. I had considered under the guidescope, in front of the guidescope, on the Losmandy rail at the bottom, on the mount etc etc. 

After pondering this dilemma, I decided I could 3D print a bracket, and mount it at the rear of the upper dovetail, behind the guidescope, and use the rail screws, and make the plate the replacement for the existing spacers.

I took the ASIAir, and knocked up a sketch first;

Then took this and drafted it up in Tinkercad;


After slicing the model in Cura transferred it over to my AnyCubic Predator to print it out:

After it had completed which took around 4ish hours, it looked great, and then it dawned on me that I had put the countersink holes on the wrong side of the model :-(

Not to worry, as a V1, I just flipped it over to make sure everything would fit and it would mount onto the scope without any issues. Sure enough, it was perfect, ok, so the cable restraint extension are slightly out of where I wanted them, it will do for now!

I have since updated the model to put the countersink holes on the correct side, but looking ahead, I will also change the cable retention extension arms, and make them more frame like for attaching zip ties.

Anyway, that will do for now!

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