Daytime Setup of ZWO ASI2600MC-P camera on Celestron RASA 11

In this video, I take the existing image train of from the Edge 11, which has the ASI2600MC-P astro camera on a 146mm back focal distance, and set it up for the 55mm distance on the RASA 11. This 55mm distance is based on the use of either of the mounting rings provided with the RASA, one a M48 thread and the other a T2 thread

Slew to the distance hills and check the focus is coming in good.

The RASA 11 back focus of 55mm is made up from;

  • 17.5mm Sensor depth within ASI2600MC-P camera
  • 21.0mm ZWO Filter drawer
  • 16.5mm ZWO M48 extension, supplied with the camera.

Getting closer to getting this scope outside!

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