Adding a Motor Focuser, Star Sense Auto Align and finder scope to the Edge 11

In this video, I am installing the Celestron's Motor Focuser, Star Sense Auto Align and 9x50mm finder scope onto my Celestron Edge HD 11 which is sat atop a CGX mount.

Part 1: The Hardware

UPDATE: Celestron Motor Focus Stalled!

Not longer after installation, I had an issue after setting it all up, despite my best efforts as I mentioned in the hardware video. I had a motor stalling. If I gently pushed the focuser body, the motor would try and move again.

I ended up having to take the focuser off again, and on the shaft clamp, slightly pry it further open with a flat plate screwdriver, then slide it back down onto the focuser shaft. It felt like it went on a lot smoother this time and the body of the focuser went straight down onto the securing plate on the OTA.

Haven't seen any issues since!

Part 2: The Software And Testing


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