Captured Saturn, Jupiter and the Bubble Nebula, after first installing the Guide Scope

 Hi Everyone...........latest video uploaded to Youtube!

Top DoveTail issues!

As you can see in the video, I had issues installing the top dovetail rail. I have no idea what the front screws are and the ones provided with the rail didn't fit. In the end I had to temporarily luggage strap the front end onto the OTA.

For the rear, the screws provided appeared to be a bit long, so I 3D printed a 5mm spacer to take up some of the length, these are the orange spacers on the rail rear end.

The dovetail rail also clashed with the rear existing OTA assembly screws, so I had to file out small dimples on the rail to allow the rail to still flush on  the top of the OTA. you can see this better in the video.

The finder scope locking clamp knobs also clashed with the dovetail rail, so removed the existing ones and used shorter M5 machined screws in their place. You can see these M5 screws on the left finder scope clamp in the picture above.

Guide Scope issues!

For the Dovetail clamp, again, couldn't get holes to line up with the holes on the guidescope foot, so in the end 3D printed an adapter bar that I could clamp to the existing holes on the guide, the use self tap screws through the dovetail clamp holes into small pilot holes I included in the 3D printed adapter bar.

Captured Images


I grabbed a short video of Jupiter using the ASICap software, then ran this into PIPP. This is one of the frames I extracted. I didn't have any filters or Barlows fitted and this was just the native 2800 mm focal length of the telescope.


Using the same process as Jupiter, here is one of the frames grabbed from Saturn.

Bubble Nebula - NGC 7635

For this target, I used Astrophotography Toll (APT), so captured 19 x 5 Minute subs, and then stacked them after doing the calibration frames a couple of days later. I went out to check the setup just after midnight and found condensation had started to appear on the glass and I had also lost guiding. That brought an early end to the evening as I had not setup any dew heaters or shields.

Overall happy with the results for a first real trial on the new setup. 

Celestron CGX mount
Celestron EdgeHD 11" OTA on full 2800mm focal length
ZWO ASI2600MC-Pro colour camera
Bresser FullHD Colour camera (for guidescope)
60mm Guidescope. 

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