First few photos from the scope using mobile phone camera

Been playing around with the scope getting a feel for it, and the alignment, setup, navigating etc.

Still haven't got a camera yet, and just using my mobile OnePlus 7 Pro on the mobile mount or pressed onto the eyepiece.

We have had a really bright full moon as well and also have been trying different settings etc.

I was really struggling to get decent pictures of anything other than the moon with the phone, the mount was just not design for this phone cameras positioning or type. The phone has different cameras as well, so don't think the phone default camera software or the other App I tried was could handle all the custom settings.

1st March - The Moon

Can't remember which eyepieces these were with, but think it was 26mm, 12.5mm and then a small bit of camera zoom on the last one.

4th March - Sirius

7th March - Random Sky

8th March - The Moon

This photo was daytime, late afternoon.

That's all for now!


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