3D Printed TV Wallmount Spacers

I decided one of the screens in my home office needed to be wall mounted to free up cabinet surface and I had a spare wall mount that came with a TV I bought years ago.

The only problem was the length of the bolts that came with the kit, were too long for the spacers they provided in the box. I also no longer had the spacers provided with the TV, or at least I have them somewhere, but suspect they are back in the UK, or got binned a long time ago.

After fitting only of the bolts and provided spacers, I could see how much space I needed to fill.

I then knocked up a spacer on Tinkercad, exported the .STL file and imported into Ultimaker Cura, duplicated the object and printed out the 4 of them, at 0.2 mm layer height and 100% to make sure it was strong. It took 51 minutes to print.


And perfect!

And if you are wondering why I put the spacer there and not on the other side to keep the distance from the wall short, it was because of the type of cables I was using needed the distance off the wall.


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