3D Printed Anti-Sink Clip for Office Chair

My home office chair kept sinking, has been doing it for well over a year. Just randomly starts to drop, typically if I move the chair. Clearly the piston seal has had it.

So, I had seen a quick fix of cutting a bit of drain pipe and putting it round the shaft, but having looked at the chair mechanism, it was only around 80 mm of pipe needed and didn't have around the garden or in the shed that would fit.

So, I decided to 3D print one on my AnyCubic I3 Mega S printer.

Having measured very roughly the diameter of the shaft, and allowed a 2.5 mm wall thickness of the tube, in Tinkercad, I created a 35 mm diameter tube and added a 20 mm hole column off one side. The piece had an 80 mm height.


It printed out approximately 1 hour, using Black PLA, 0.3mm layer height, 50% infill at 200'C and 60'C bed. Sliced using Ultimaker Cura 4.3, which also estimated a cost of €0.30 (at €15/kg)

It simply snapped into place on the chair shaft, then I put a zip tie round it just for the sake of it, although don't think it is required as the fit was very good.

Will wait and see how much better that is, and how long it lasts. It should be alright as it is under a compression load, so the plastic should cope just fine.


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