3D Printed Soldering Station Tip and Nozzle Stand.

I have an RS Components soldering rework station (Part # 124-4134) and it has a number of different sized nozzles and also I have some additional different sized tips for the soldering iron. I wanted something to keep them all together.

I knocked up a stand in Tinkercad and printed it out on the AnyCubic i3 Mega S.

I think it came out quite well, although the small left nozzle hole was a touch too small originally, but simply drilled it out a bit rather than re-print the whole block. I did update the model to correct this though. I might print another one in the future in a different colour and tighter layer height and infill density to give it a bit more weight. The printed output can be seen below, and the project can be found at: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/khyiLbHK7js


  1. Hello Dave.
    How does the RS PRO 124-4134 station performs ? I can't find any review online. Does it stop heating the air gun when you put in on the hot air stand ? Is the soldering iron worth it for a serious hobbyist ?
    I noticed a huge difference going from a TS100 to a Weller so I just want to make sure this does better than "yet another chinese rebranded station".
    If you were to buy one again, would you invest into this one or would you consider something like the SAIKE 8586 ? Or another model ?
    Thank you for your time.


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