What's in the box(es)? Another haul of astro goodness!

 I have been shopping again while I was away for the last 3 months, the boxes arrived so what was in the order?

There will be separate future videos for installing/setting up some of the equipment, once I get round to deciding what I'm trying next.

In the video below, I talk briefly through the equipment.

More videos to come on installing and using some of the equipment.

So, what was in the haul?
Geoptik Elephant Outdoor Case, 34x30x15cm
Baader BA2458380 2" Ha Filter
Baader BA2459210A 2" UV/IR Cut Filter
ZWO 2" M42 Filter Drawer
Field Rotator Adapter
Dovetail Clamp
Baader VariLock BA2956929 T2, 20-29mm
Baader VariLock BA2956946 T2, 29-46mm
Edge 11 Back Focus Distance 91mm Spacer
Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector 
Celestron Motor Focuser Retrofit Kit
ZWO ASI174 Mini Guide Camera
Celestron SCT OAG Large Format adapter
Farpoint Losmandy Counterweight kit
Celestron Off Axis Guider
Celestron WiFi Adapter
Celestron Focus Motor
Celestron SkySync GPS Module
Celestron 0.7x Focal Reducer
Celestron 7 Kg Counterweight

All items are time stamped in the video description.

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