Primary mirror cleaning

I noticed on the images recently that there was a lot of dust halos and other marks on the images, looking into the telescope I could see some marks on the primary mirror. 

I thought I would give this a clean, it was as simple as unscrewing 4 screws round the body of the telescope and pull off the end primary mirror mount.
I didn't want to full remove the mirror of its mount, so left those 3 mountings you can see alone. 

Gave the mirror a clean with some IPA and some cotton pads, and then a wipe over with a microfiber glasses cleaning cloth to get the last of any smudges or smears.

It was a case of then sliding it back into the scope and replacing the 4 screws. 

For the secondary mirror, I really didn't want to remove anything, it would certainly really knock out any collimation alignment. For the secondary mirror I just too the microfibre cloth and reached inside the telescope and gave it a wipe.

I just need to remember and check the collimation of the scope before I use it next time.

As you can see above, it was quite dusty! The white donut in the middle is meant to be there, it is the mirror centre, used for alignment.


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