M108 Galaxy - Surfboard Galaxy

Despite a heavily moonlit night, I decided to take everything out so see what I could get. The high level wispy cloudy had cleared up and the wind had died off.

Set up everything as usual, polar and star aligned and set it off running on M108.

Went out to check later and the laptop had switched off, so the imaging session had frozen at around number 20. Set it off again. Not sure why it went off........

Anyway, a few regular checks, and the wind did pick up a wee bit, but managed to survive until around 1.30am. The moon was really bright by now.

Next day, did the usual image stacking and attempted clean up. Still need to practice this, as still have no idea what I'm doing 'properly'.

Not to worry, at least I caught something.......

M108 Galaxy - Surfboard Galaxy, 46 Million miles from Earth. Estimated to contain around 400 Billion stars.

Read more over at Nasa: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2018/messier-108


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