Twitter redirect issue in Chrome with PIA

I recently ran into a problem with Twitter. It wouldn't open in Chrome and was stuck in an endless redirect loop.

Clicking the 'use this link' did nothing apart from taking me back to the same page again.

Even clearing all cookies by clicking the padlock on the address bar clicking on Cookies and selecting remove didn't help much. Yes, it invalidated my session, allowed me to log in again and then simply went back to the redirect page.

The strange things was, that when I navigate to it works just fine.

Ok, so what else could there be, well I have the Private Internet Access Chrome extension installed, but was not active to any VPN. I added to the bypass rules to see if that helped.


I disabled the extension in the Chrome extensions and that worked, so there was definitely something being done in the PIA extension.

Now, I had never paid much attention to what the extension was doing, as typically only use PIA using the desktop app at machine level, rather that at browser level using the extension. That is when I noticed the green icons and what each of them were for. As a test, I turned off the HTTP Referrer blocking (the second green icon on the left in the picture above) and bingo Twitter website worked again!

So, there you have it, even though no VPN connection was active, the extension was still blocking referrer info in Chrome. Just need to see now if there is away to add a per site exception... or just get used to using the mobile address.

It is small things like these that can drive you nuts, so it is easy to see how less tech literate people can end up throwing equipment out of windows!


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