It all went wrong............


Thanks for visiting.

Unfortunately, this is not the normal website. There has been a service interruption.

This is a temporary home. Hopefully a very temporary home.

The original website is currently dead following a virtual machine failure at my service provider. I am still working with them to get content back that they managed to clone from the virtual hard disk while performing investigations to try and recover the virtual machine which they managed to bork while applying updates in the early hours of 17th June.

This may take some time, as I am also limited to what I can do from afar, and really need to get home to get free unrestricted access to the internet.

In the meantime you may find some of my mumblings at the following locations;

My Qatar adverture blog can be found at:

My articles at CodeProject can be found at:

I only became aware of the failure when the Googlebot emailed to tell me it failed to access the site to perform a regular index. I became curious and sure enough I couldn't see the site either. I tried to remote desktop onto the server, but again, no connection. Tried to gain access to a web control panel to reboot the machine, no joy.

Calling in the big guns at the server support, they also failed to gain access to the machine and elevated the support request within their internal processes. The guru's failed to recover the situation and pronounced the server dead. At that is where we still are.......


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