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The Arduino is a open source electronics prototyping platform.


The section is all about the Arduino, from the basics to some of the projects I have been dabbling in. I only started to play with the Arduino in October 2009, so it will take some time to get a lot content up on the site, after all, I still have to learn the stuff as well!


Feel free to leave brief comments against any articles, but if there is anything you want to discuss in depth or have specific questions, please take it to the forums. Thanks.


  • Arduino - Introduction   ( 2 Articles )

    This area provides some background information on the Arduino platform.

  • Arduino - Input / Output Basics   ( 10 Articles )

    This area looking at some of the basic input output signals, and how to integrate them with the Arduino.

  • Arduino - Other Hardware Interfaces   ( 0 Articles )

    This area concentrates on interfacing other types of hardware that are not really classed as simple or basic.

  • Arduino - Projects   ( 2 Articles )

    This area of the site is where i have put the basic into use and developed fully working projects.

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