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Written by Dave Auld   
Sunday, 05 April 2009 20:41
PPSGen V1.0.0.0
PPSGen is an application that is used to create a folder structure upto 10 levels deep that can be used to simulate the requirement to enter a PIN number to hide content from prying eyes. The content is then placed within the required correct PIN folder. e.g. for a correct PIN of 3456 the content would be placed in <root folder name>\3\4\5\6\<content folder name>
The software has been designed for use with TVIX 6500 media player, and the theme content has been designed with that in mind. You can copy background images, folder images, upfolder images, correct and incorrect PIN images and also add the icon mode file to each folder simplifying the creation of content hiding. This can be used with other players in mind, just don't select the theme options. If you have a device that supports themes, let me know in the forum the details and the theme requirements and i may enhance the software to include this come time.
It was originally designed around my requirement to use it with two TVIX 6500's I own, which stream their content from a QNAP NAS box whose public share is Read Only.
After creating the PIN folder structure, you can copy the ouput to the NAS box or and internal drive on the TVIX if you have one.
I did not want to use the folder protection options of TVIX on the NAS drive, and want to keep them read only to the TVIX units. Also the TVIX folder protection PIN system can only be 4 digits long. This application will generate from 3 to 10 (inc.) long. As theTVIX can only navigate through the folder tree, the only way to locate the hidden content is by 'brute force' trial and error of evey folder path. No different to 'brute force' of a PIN number. So good enough for me. 
PPSGen can be downloaded from the Downloads section. Queries/Bugs/Feature Requests can be raised in the Forums.
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